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Greg Messner

Vice President

Greg is Vice President of Messner Flooring. His father, Ben Messner, founded Messner Flooring in 1962, and in 1985, Greg joined his dad and brother Peter in helping to run the family business. Today, Greg is the face of the Pittsford Messner Flooring store, and Vice President of the business that has grown into 3 locations in Rochester, NY. Greg enjoys being in the Pittsford showroom helping customers find the perfect flooring. He truly loves the connections he makes with people, helping generations of clients and families over the last 25 years!

Jessica Salada

Sales Consultant/ Interior Designer

Jessica is a talented, certified designer and sales consultant, who helps customers find the perfect flooring for their home and needs. With a background and expertise in interior design, and her Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Industrial Design, Jessica is passionate about creating spaces in the home for everyone to enjoy. Her favorite part of her job is working with a customer in their homes or in our showroom, where she prides herself on helping customers find just what they’re looking for, and sometimes something beautiful that they hadn’t expected to find!

Jon Barker

Sales, Service & Assessment

Jon started at the company in 1986 as an installer, and joined Messner Flooring full-time in 2008. In addition, his dad worked for Greg and Peter’s dad Ben Messner for 25 years! Messner doesn’t just “measure,” we assess. There’s a lot more to preparing to install a floor correctly than wielding a measuring tape. Jon earned his Master's from CFI and uses that knowledge and expertise to make absolutely certain that everything has been anticipated for a new install. In addition, a big part of Jon's job is going into homes and restretching carpet, fixing holes, and repairing seams on installations that other companies won’t stand by. Jon loves his job because every project is unique, every house has its own requirements and every day is different.

Karen Farmer

Sales Consultant

Karen joined the Messner family in September 2009. With a background in interior design, and after almost 20 years working for large and impersonal retailers, she really wanted to work for a small family owned retailer. Messner Flooring was the perfect choice, as they had a wonderful reputation and were well known for their impeccable customer service. She enjoys working with the customers, giving them the best selection of flooring in Rochester, and helping make the best choices for their lifestyles, as well as the perfect design choice for their homes.