Area Rugs

Area Rugs, Custom Area Rugs & Runners

Transform any space with an area rug or runner from Messner Flooring! We have area rugs in-store on display, and we can also turn any carpet into your own one-of-a-kind custom area rug or stair runner. At Messner Flooring, we have a huge selection of rugs and carpeting options, from traditional to trendy — in styles, colors, and sizes to fit your lifestyle and your taste. 


Choosing a Rug

Messner Flooring provides area rugs in a fantastic variety of materials, weaves, and styles. A rug can literally transform a room! Imagine jute on a terracotta floor - now swap it for an oriental rug! Think of a pastel Dhurri in a little child’s room, and later switch it out for fluffy flokati as the child grows up! Let your imagination run wild exploring our selection of rugs.


Accent or anchor, a rug can help refine or define your space! Messner Flooring has a huge variety of area rugs to fit your style. How to choose? Here are some things to consider:

Size: What is the area you are covering? Will your rug cover a room, or set apart a space within a room? For rugs that fill a room, try to look at the flooring underneath the rug as a border. A nice rule of thumb is to have your “border,” or the area not covered by the rug, 6 to 12 inches evenly spaced between the rug and the wall. If you are defining a space within a room, the effect can be improved by fitting all the furnishings of that space onto the rug.

Textured and Fibers: Nylons, wools, silk and more come in a variety of patterns and textures such as sculpted shapes and designs. Choose a rug that fits your tastes, lifestyle and the traffic it will receive in your home.

Shape and dimension: Do you have a round dining table? A round rug looks great underneath! Try to mimic the shape of the rug with the shape of the table. Do you have separate conversation areas in your living or family room? Consider separate (but coordinating) rugs for each area. The key to choosing the shape and dimension of your rug is balance. Our designers are happy to help.

Color and style: Many designers advise choosing the rug first, and letting the color and design inform the rest of your decor choices. Rugs can be elegant or outdoorsy, fashionable or functional. Not sure? We have over 300 rugs in our gallery, and we’ll let you take our rugs and try them in your home, so you know you’re making the right choice!

Create Your Own: You read that right. Most of our vast selection of carpet can be made into rugs, and we can create a custom rug as well. We can cut a custom shape of broadloom carpet, and create any border you imagine: coordinating carpet, fabric, even leather! We have even created one-of-a-kind complex, commissioned rugs from a designers drawing. For a little fun, let us bind your selection of complimenting or contrasting carpets into a rug! Come in to the showroom, and we’ll show you how.

Types of Rugs

Tufted – A great value, tufted rugs are like pieces of cut (or loop) pile carpet, and can be solid, patterned, or bordered. Tufted rugs are mid-range in quality, not heirloom rugs.

Knotted - Knotted rugs, such as traditional Persians, can have very complex designs, and are painstakingly made by hand. The quality of the rug is usually determined by the number of knots per square inch.

Braided - Typically an early American style rug, braided rugs are made of long strips of material usually coiled and stitched together. Braided rugs can be made of wool, cotton, or synthetic material in any color. Some are even made from recycled fabric.

Woven - Rugs that are flat-woven on a loom are often geometric in design and can be made of cotton, silk, wool, or synthetics. Flat woven rugs include Dhurries and Native American rugs, among others.

Naturals - Different grasses are often woven into beautiful rugs, including jute, sisal, and even seagrass. These grasses can be soft like yarn, and flat-woven like a Dhurrie, or hard and woven like a basket. These rugs are beautiful and sustainable.

Carpet Tiles - Versatile and fun, carpet tiles provide a smart solution to challenging floors and let you express your creativity! Choose different colors, textures, or patterns to create borders or unique designs.

Custom Rugs

Create Your Own!

It’s more affordable than you think! Trying to play up colors or designs in your room? Create your own rug from a variety of brands. Choose your size, patterns, colors, textures and more. Ask a Messner team member to show you how.

Create custom rugs by selecting imaginative borders, putting together colors and patterns, or by literally creating your own design. Talk to a Messner consultant about your options!

Carpet Tile - Versatile and fun, carpet tiles provide a smart solution to challenging floors, and let you express your creativity! Choose different colors, textures, or patterns to create borders or unique designs.

Custom borders – We’ll cut any piece of carpet and you choose the border… in contrasting carpet, a wide binding, fabric, tapestry, even leather!

50 to Infinity – Select a broadloom carpet from Nourisan that can be cut to a rug of any size or shape.

Dalyn – Choose a Dalyn template and select your colors, or create an original design and turn it into a one-of-a-kind rug.

Color Couture – Explore the custom area rug program from Nourisan! Just four steps to your custom rug.


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